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Landen skydiving

About Me

I grew up in Zimmerman, Minnesota, and spent countless hours in the outdoors with my six other homeschooled siblings.  As a young child, I often made comments about the beauty around me and the desire to somehow, encapsulate it. I loved creating outdoor forts, playing ice hockey, skydiving, and listening to music while rocking on the hammock. I also loved drawing and painting.  But my greatest joy came when I was given a camera.  Suddenly, my world opened! 

At first, I thought that all I needed was a camera. I was suddenly able to encapsulate those perfect moments or scenes. But then, I realized that with my editing ability, I could create a world beyond the camera lens; a world that went beyond reality and into what only my imagination could see.  My desire for beauty and perfection suddenly collided!

Landen holding camera.jpg
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